How to Bleach Your Hair - 101 Guide
Our basic step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about bleaching your hair at home! Whether you have dark brown hair or light blonde hair, it is always recommended to bleach before colouring to ensure your dye is absorbed properly and you reach the intended colour. Dive into our comprehensive tutorial now!
1. Why bleach your hair?
To achieve the vivid colours in our range, we always recommend you pre-lighten (bleach) your hair first.

2. Determine your hair level and volume needed

You should use bleach for any hair level because it helps absorb the dye more. Use the lowest volume possible. Keep in mind: the darker the hair, the darker the underlying pigment (shown in diagram) that you may get at the end of this process.
  • 20 vol for level 6-10
  • 30 vol for level 2-5
  • 40 vol for thick 1-2 level hair only. To prevent excess damage, use a lower volume and leave it in for longer.


3. Read instructions
We recommend you do a strand test first and read all instructions very carefully.

4. Prepare your hair
Make sure you haven’t washed you hair for at least 2 days prior to bleaching to protect your scalp with your natural oils. Hair should be dry and detangled.

5. Prepare the bleach
Wear protective gloves. Mix together all of the powder and activator in a bowl until creamy and without lumps.

6. Apply the bleach
We recommend a friend or family member to help you with this step. Part your dry hair into small sections (at least four) and apply the bleach generously using an application brush. Start from the bottom/ back of the head and work your way up. Do not start at the roots, as they process faster due to the heat from your scalp.

7. Keep checking
It is very important to check the hair every 5-10 minutes. Scrape away some product to check the underlying pigment/results. Do not leave the bleach in for more than 45 minutes.

8. Wash out the bleach
Once you’ve reached the correct lightness of your hair, wash the bleach out thoroughly with lukewarm water and Holyplex shampoo.

9. Toner
If your hair has a yellow undertone, use Pure toner to achieve a more platinum colour.

10. Dye your hair
Dye your hair immediately after bleaching as your hair follicles are now open and ready to receive colour.

11. Lock in the colour
Before drying your hair, use our Holyplex finishing spray to lock in your new colour.

12. Share your look
Share your new look at #dyewithattitude!

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Illustrations by @psychara

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